Developing web sites
that break sales records!

Do you have problems with your web store and require a professional opinion? Do statistics show an increase in visitors,
who do not become your buyers, but only visit? Would you like to change that trend and turn visitors into buyers?


What we offer
  • Analysis and suggestions to improve your current web store, development of a new web store, a solution, tailored specifically for you, with ample functionality, training and support in digital promotional activities.
  • Top user experience, high operating speed, responsiveness, setting up an environment, where your promotional funds will be properly invested, optimizing the time for web store administrator, easier penetration to foreign markets.
How do we differ from competition?
  • An individual approach to every project.
  • Building a long-term partnership.
  • By setting up the web site our job has just begun!
  • Solutions are the fruit of years of training a group of highly talented experts in the field of web solutions.

What does the offer for web store development include?

  • design, concentrated on user experience, oriented towards the end buyer
  • a friendly environment for the web store administrator
  • server hosting and domain purchase
  • setting up e-mailboxes
  • minimum of 1 hour of support per month
  • backup copies of data and storae of backups for 12 months
  • automatic daily product synchronization
  • unlimited number of products and categories
  • products can include filters, detailed specifications and description
  • option to add any number of attributes and filters
  • option to add discounts according to category, brand name or user
  • option to manually set and expose products in categories, manual editing of texts, specifications, pictures
  • payment options: on delivery, on estimate, delayed payment; PAYPAL, credit cards, installment plan
  • option to set postage according to payment option
  • notification about orders sent to e-mail
  • statistics and overview of purchases by day, month, year
  • form for inquiry and gathering of e-mail addresses
  • company introduction, multilingual support, contact information, map, configurator
  • terms and conditions that can be supplemented and edited by client
  • Facebook like, Twitter, Google, Youtube, Instagram
  • Google Analytics statistics
  • option to add a choice of taste/quantity/color of a product/option
  • product comparison and links to other sales channels
  • web page enables creation of PDF offers
  • web site, designed for all devices
  • connection to an ERP system
  • option of B2B connections
  • other web store upgrades by agreement

Course of project

  • Planning and setting up content structure,
  • Graphic design,
  • User interface design and customization,
  • Testing and training an editor,
  • Publishing the web page on server,

Content and technological concept,

  • Web site will contain the main page and subpages, that will be reachable through transparent navigation,
  • The main page will include animation of exposed banners, which you will choose yourself through an interface,
  • The interface will give you control over all content of the web site. You can edit photos, all texts and add video (YouTube, Vimeo),
  • Visits will be traced through a program on the server, which offers exact analysis od customer behavior (visits analysis in graphic and text form by hour, day, month, country of origin, time spent on page, pages visited, files downloaded, software used ...).

Selected terminology

  • (CMS) The web site will be supported by a Content Management System. It is important to give the administrator an easy way to refresh site content. For that we recommend using a management application, which enables entering content through simple web modules. The application enables the client to independently change and edit the content of the web site, without the need of any prior programming knowledge. The user interface will enable the administrator (maintainer) to easily optimize individual pages for various key words (entering "keywords" and "description").
  • Software: APACHE web server, MySQL data server
  • Technology used: PHP, HTML, MySQL, CSS, JavaScript, XML.

Design concept

  • The visual concept and realization will be in keeping with the idea of the web site and will be conceived in such a way, that it will attract attention of the visitor and steer them towards your products or services.
  • The web site will be designed in a recognizable way, and we will also ensure its modern, dynamic look, which will show the highest level of aesthetic sophistication. The width of the web site will be adjusted to fit the device, on which it is accessed (phone, tablet, laptop, large monitor).

Browser optimization

  • The process of optimization will be implemented at the concept and design of the web site, since that is the best way to achieve optimal results.

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