Warranty extension

At the time of purchase our products have one year or three year warranty – 12 to 36 months.

For products that do not offer extentsion to 12- or 36-month warranty, we offer an option to buy additional warranty that exceeds the warranty period for 3 years. This way you can protect yourself from potential faults in material or faults that occur in production. During the time of extended warranty our company covers the cost of replacement parts and servicing hours, for which you must provide the original invoice.

Product serial number or other identifying number are important pieces of information, based on which you can sell or gift the warranty together with the product. When you decide to buy a product, check if you can also buy extended warranty. Contact you representative or check the table below.

The table does not contain individual prices, but categories of prices. It also does not contain individual product, but groups of products. If you are not sure, which group your product belongs to, contact your representative. If the product you want to buy isn’t included in any group in the table or if you can’t find a product group with a price of your product, it means that purchasing extended warranty unfortunately isn’t possible.

We offer 3 year extended warranty in the amount, stated in the table. The extension can be purchased only when buying the product – purchasing extended warranty after that is not possible.

Price range from 250 EUR – 3,000 EUR with 22% VAT
  Price in EUR
with 22% VAT
to 300 from 301
to 500
from 501
to 750
from 751
to 1000
from 1001
to 1500
od 1501
do 2000
from 2001
to 2500
3 YEARS Premium class P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6 P7
Price 29,99 39,99 49,99 59,99 79,99 99,99 129,99


General condition for warranty claims:

Warranty claims are valid only when you turn over the product and the original invoice with all the information on the product.

o    Warranty extension applies to the state of product at purchase.

o    Reported damages without the exact description of when, where and how the damages have occurred, are not covered until the full written description of the event of damage is provided.

o    Warranties for construction part and whole products are used primarily.

o    Product warranties are valid as primary warranties; the same is true for all other warranties or contractional obligations of third parties.

o    Scratches and similar damages to the product that do not affect product’s capabilities, do not count as warranty claims.

o    Damages to software, operating systems, drivers, auxiliary programs etc. are not covered.

o    Product owners or their agents are solely responsible for software programs, drivers, databases and their operation capabilities.

o    Warranty does not cover consumables, worn-out part, accumulators, batteries, toners, fuses, inks, coils, bulbs and similar.

o    Damages that are reported when the product can not be provided or the damages can not be proven, are not covered.

o    Damages due to normal wear and tear and gradual loss of quality in product operation are not covered in warranty services.

o    Damages, caused by repair attempts or unauthorized third party intervention are not covered.

o    Damages, caused by negligence or third party, is not covered.

o    Professionals, who perform duties, such as supply, installation, upgrade etc., are responsible for their work.

o    In case of damages, other insurance claims have priority (for instance, if the apartment is ensured and there is a fire or a flood, in which a computer or a laptop are damaged, the damages a first covered by that insurance).

o    Damages claims for database or software loss can not be implemented from the stated causes of damages. There also are no compensations for repair cost that arise from software or operating system problems, because of viruses, because of incompatible components, because of data recovery, consolidation, retrieval etc.

ATTENTION: Extended warranty is not valid if you do not provide the product for regular servicing, which includes opening the product, reapplication of quality thermal paste, ensuring optimal fan operation and on request cleaning viruses and other unwanted applications. All products with extended warranty must be provided to the service on the 13th (thirteenth) and the 25th (twenty-fifth) month from the day of purchase. Service is charged 20 EUR with VAT. When making a warranty claim, you must include the purchase invoice and the service invoice.

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