Do you have glass surfaces? We have a solution on how to market them!

Do a lot of people walk or drive by your glass surfaces? If the answer is yes, we can help you monetize every square meter and ensure added funds and higher visibility.
With newest technologies in foils and projection, you can market most of your glass surfaces as advertising space with DIGITAL VIDEO CONTENT! There are various models of marketing your own products and services, which offers you higher visibility and more visits. Advertising surfaces can also be leased out to your suppliers or other advertisers.

We can transform your glass surfaces into advertising space
  • Do you have glass surfaces that are frequented by passers-by?
  • Would you like to attract passers-by by innovativeness and video content?
  • Do you believe, that companies pay for advertising space on large (jumbo) posters?
  • Do you se the advantages of a dynamic advertisement (video content) compared to a static one (poster)?
  • If this project enabled you a return of investment (ROI) in 2-3 years, would you like, that the return is as high as possible? What about in the case where we finance the project?
  • The solution is simple, easily accessible and enables an on-click projection or glass, which is as transparent after the foil is applies as it was before.

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