The power of persuasive video production

The popularity of video clips has reached an unbelievable growth, which is the reason for brands to use the power of video. Modern video clips have improved and are not only a small part of the whole marketing campaign, but one of the central aspects of it.
With 2 million video views on Facebook per day and 0.73 of active web users in Slovenia using YouTube,
it's easy to see why video content is so popular.
Consumers love visually attractive and easily understandable video content. On YouTube 0.9 of mobile users share video clips,
while 74 % od those, who saw presentational videos, make purchase.
But videos aren't important just for customers. Google loves video content as well! Brands will have a 53 times higher chance of being shown
on the first page of Google, if they contain a video clip on their web page.
Of course, this is great news for brands, who wish to cooperate with their clients.

People remember 30 % of what we see, 20 % of what we hear and 70 % of what we see and hear at the same time.

We are only 3 steps away from creating successful video content:

Our approach

  • As one of the leading companies for digital marketing in Slovenia, we closely work with brands and help them to convey their story to customers through quality video content.


  • Our video production team has a wide spectrum of specialized knowledge and can create content, with which you will be able to convey your message in a concise and attractive way. We prepare everything, from the script to final production - the video clip that will attract attention and make a lasting impact on your potential clients.

Enlarge and monitor

  • We have a specialized team, who can guarantee, that your video will not only reach a wide audience, but the right audience to garner the biggest possible response. Together we will specify the right platforms (including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn) that suit your brand, to get the widest reach of your message. The campaign is constantly monitored and optimized to guarantee the success of the video clip and best results.

Let us start the project

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