Support quality  one of our most important long-term missions, especially when it comes to our partners, employees  and group. Being small enough to listena and large enough to be able to achieve set goals, is something that places us among companies, who are aware of all the responsibilities involved in solving the challenges of their partners. 

We are a partner who listens! 

We choose our partners carefuly, because  we wish to offer them the proper focus in developing joint visions.

The support we offer differs from others in that when we finish the job, first delivery or system implementation, our job just starts.  

Become a part of a company that creates a better, friendlier and safer IT environment. Becoming our partner guarantees you a reliable and constant support, counseling and business opportunities based on a long-term cooperation and trust!

Tel: +386 31 213 682

Tel: +386 31 703 159

Tel: +386 41 663 648

Logistic manager:
Dejan Kojić
Tel: +386 31 681 145

Export manager:
Luka Lešnjak
Tel: +386 31 703 759

Daniel Babić
Tel: +385 91 4 587 587

Leon Balant Marčič
Tel: +386 41 446 290

Tibor Janežič
Tel: +386 41 663 641

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