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Join our partners, who already reach the highest positions in Google browser with ease, and only pay for actual results.

We arrange everything: "onsite" and "offsite" web site optimization, progress control, constant improvements and gaining of quality links, which launch you to the top of Google and above competition. Optimization progress is easily overviewed in monthly reports.

Advantages of Organic visits compared
to Paid visit (Adwords):
  • Quality visits (longer time on site, more sites visited per session, higher conversion)
  • Free visit (redirecting the visitor does not cause any additional expenses)
  • Long-term presence (in contrast to Adwords displaying is not chargeable)
  • Higher trust (users have more trust in organic results of searches than paid
    in ads, which means a higher conversion on your site)
  • Higher ROI (lower cost of redirection to your web site and quality visits)
  • Building on brand name (higher positions in browser ensure higher visibility of your page)
  • Higher conversions (organic visits on average reaches a 4-percent conversion
    compared to paid visits, which reach 1- to 2-percent conversion)
Why choose the web page optimization with Bitset?
  • More visitors on the web page
  • Position yourself among the leaders in your field (most users believe that the top of the browser is reserved for the most established and trustworthy companies)
  • Position yourself at the top (72 % of users on average check only first 3 search results)
  • Become visible (only 10 % of users check the second page of search results)
  • Lower cost of Adwords advertising (Google prioritizes pages with higher "quality" of web site - lower CPC due to good on-site optimization)
  • Between 70 and 80 % of "searchers" at Google.si intentionally overlook "paid" results.
Our advantages compared to competition
  • The first page of Google takes about 90 % of user clicks
  • more than 45 % of users click on the first position
  • the second page has only 10 % of user clicks which means, that positions on the second page or lower do not guarantee visibility/clicks
Our advantages compared to competition
  • Paying according to actual placement
  • Fixed pricelist (without anticipated changes)
  • Higher security (because we are striving for long-term cooperation, we do not use "fast and inappropriate" methods to boost positions, which is prohibited by Google)
  • Partner relations (all partners are interested in reaching the highest possible positions)
  • A lot of experience and a wide range of clients
  • Actively following the news in the SEO field

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