Renew & Refurbish

Renew & Refurbish program:

Renew & Refurbished products, represented by BITSET d.o.o., come from various sources. The most common is, when manufacturers of computer equipment do not reach planned sales or when orders are cancelled by distributors, when products are already out of the factory. When a product leaves a factory, it can’t be returned there, so such products reach us in original, unopened packaging. These products are in the category AS NEW.

Category "Renew & Refurbish" also includes products that are production surpluses and products that have damaged packaging due to transport. Such products come in ecological packaging from manufacturers, where the packaging was still original, sealed and unopened from the moment it left the manufacturer’s warehouse until it reaches you. These products are in the category AS NEW.

In the "Renew & Refurbish" program there rarely products that were used as display products in stores and products that had been returned right after purchase – DOA (dead on arrival). All such products were returned directly to the manufacturer and were returned from there in the same functional state as all other new products. These too are repackaged and resold at purchase price to distributors for ""Renew & Refurbish"" program in sealed ecological packaging, determined by manufacturer.

Why buying ASUS, HP, LENOVO and DELL at BITSET d.o.o.?

  • The largest selection of laptops and tablets on the market,
  • the newest technology in stock, usually before the official product launch,
  • original quality by ASUS, HP, LENOVO and DELL,
  • one year warranty and service support,
  • possibility of warranty extension up to three years,
  • best buy (price-performance) for your customers,
  • reduced budget for IT technology and the same quality at the same time,
  • support with all, smaller and bigger projects.

We invite you to start creating a friendlier information environment in Slovenia, because working with us puts you among ecologically conscious partners!


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