Do your business gifts lack your logo? Would you like a unique laptop computer or phone? You don't have the characters you need on your keyboard or they aren't well visible?

We make exact machine and laser engravings on metal, plastics and wood. We also offer help on designing messages and writings. An engraving enables to to personalize gifts with a logo, employee's name or a saying. It is extremely durable, because it changes the structure/surface of material. With our engraving your products become unique or a product with added value.
The color of engraving can not be chosen, because it depends on the color of surface material. If you want to know, what color the engraving will be, send us an inquiry. On most ballpoint pens the engraving is black or white, on stainless steel it's grayish black, on plastics at the back of a phone it's white, as it is on most keyboards.

Summary and facts:
  • We can engrave plastics, metal, glass and wood.
  • In machine and laser engraving the color of engraving can not be chosen.
  • We engrave more than 100,000 character and more each month.
  • Engraving gives added value to a product.
  • We have engraved: keyboards, circuitry, phone and laptop covers, cards, USB flash drives, ballpoint and fountain pens, cups, chips, power banks, keys, key chains, pendants, water bottles, screws, chipsets …

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