Advanced Google advertising

Google is the most prevalent browser in the world. Almost 70 % of all internet searches are conducted in Google. In Slovenia it's 98 %.

Google's advertising network Adwords is the biggest and strongest such network in the world, and it reaches more than 86 % of all internet users. It is therefore prudent to use its enormous reach and use it to expand your business.

Advantages of Google Adwords

Target audience

Your advertisement is only shown to people who look for products/services you offer. You can also target according to location and ensure that the ads are only shown to people in your city, region or country.

Price per click!

You only pay when someone clicks on your ad. If your ad is only viewed and not clicked on, you do not pay anything.

Budget control

The control over advertising budget has never been easier. You decide, how much you're prepared to invest and set the upper limit a daily budget that should not be exceeded. This way you'll always know what to expect, and fix your costs accordingly.

Metrics and analysis

This is the biggest advantage of Adwords. You can make effective use of Google Analytics and a myriad of diagnostic tools, available for your advertising actions to see, what works and what doesn't. This offers you an opportunity to constantly optimize your advertising strategy and potentially enlarging a number of conversions.


Has the visitor of your web page left the shopping cart?
Bring him back.

  • Remarketing is a form of web marketing that enables showing ads to customers, who visited your web site, but did not make a purchase. Such ads are shown on other web sites, visited by those same customers.
  • Remarketing ads keep your brand name visible, draw attention of customers again and bring those customers back.
  • Statistical data show that approximately 2 % of buyers make a purchase, when they first visit a web store. Remarketing is trying to persuade the other 98 % of buyers.


Higher CTR in comparison to Adwords. Increase in brand awareness.

What causes a higher conversion rate?

Because ads are targeted to visitors, who have already expressed interest in a certain product/service, so they are quicker in turning them into buys.

Builds brand recognizability.

In Bitset we build convincing ads in order to retarget, and we guarantee that your visitor will not only come back, but will turn into customers.

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