An efficient Facebook advertising campaign

Facebook has over 1,44 billion of active users across the globe, and about 1 million in Slovenia. Due to such growth and number of users, companies must not overlook the sheer mass of potential customers. We can guarantee you the best usage of the virtual universe of Facebook users with FB Advertisements.

Advantages of Facebook

With more than 900,000 unique visitors per month in Slovenia, FB is the most visited web page after Google - and that ensures a high exposure of ads.

Target audience

FB enables targeted advertising, based on location, demographics, interest, links and numerous other options. You can accurately target a specific category of people, to whom you wish to show your ad.

Pay per click

You only pay when someone clicks on your ad.If your ad is only viewed and not clicked on, you do not pay anything.

Budget control

The control over advertising budget has never been easier. You decide, how much you're prepared to invest and set the upper limit a daily budget that should not be exceeded.

More views

  • Facebook enables more frequent showings of ads, because users visit the page more than once a day.
  • Create picture/larger picture-based ads.
  • FB advertising guarantees access to smartphone users.
  • A large number of users access FB with smartphones, so they are reachable anywhere and anytime.

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